How to Haggle for a Cheaper Phone Contract

If you’re close to the end of your phone contract and you want a better and cheaper deal, this is the best time to make use of your biggest weapon – your loyalty. With competition among carriers in the UK getting stiffer and fiercer by the day, your current provider will go extra lengths to keep you hooked to their brand. They are ready to offer incentives provided that you sign up for another 24-month contract.

Using your loyalty as a haggling technique is one of the easiest and surefire ways to get the best end of the deal. If you are particularly happy with your current provider and you plan to stick around, this is the best time to pick up the phone and speak with customer service. Whether you want extra minutes or you want a lower monthly fee, the trick is to use your ammunition well. When done right, you could save more than £100 per year.

Some subscribers who have haggled with their providers were not only able to save money but also avail a new phone at no extra charge. It’s really all about using your loyalty card especially if you’ve been with your current provider for a while. If they can’t give you what you want, you can threaten to look elsewhere. Chances are high that customer service will transfer you to another department where you’ll likely get what you want and more.

But how exactly do you haggle for a cheaper deal? It’s no rocket science. In fact, if you keep in mind the following steps below, you’re in the right track.

Ask for a cheaper tariff

Like every other customer, we all want a better tariff. Once you are connected with customer service, there’s really just one thing you need to do. Ask for a better and cheaper tariff. Tell the customer service rep that you’re not happy with your current tariff. You can go about this step two ways. Back up your claim with research by getting some data from top comparison sites.

Or you can always go about it the old fashioned way, that is, haggle with confidence. Ask about the best tariff available. If it’s too expensive, tell it as it is with confidence so the operator believes that you’re serious to get a better deal. Otherwise, they lose you and the carrier doesn’t want that.

Ask to be transferred to the disconnection department

If you didn’t get the phone upgrade and better tariff that you wanted, you could ask to be transferred to the disconnection department. Tell customer service that you’re not happy with the offer and you’d rather look elsewhere. In most cases, they’ll try to lure you with another offer. Other times, they’ll transfer you to another department where the priority is to make sure that you remain a customer. Once transferred to the retention department, just repeat your request for a cheaper deal. Stand by your decision to disconnect if they didn’t give you what you want and chances are high that you’ll end up the winner.

Avoid saying yes to the first offer

If offered an upgrade and a better package, don’t say yes the first time. Remember that the main goal for most carriers is no longer to convince customers to avail a phone contract but to convince them to stick around. Majority of people already have phones. The biggest competition today is customer retention. By saying no to the first offer, you’re basically opening the gates to even better deals, which you deserve for being a loyal customer for a long time.