Save on Your Phone Bill in 5 Ways

According to a recent survey, majority of UK customers on a phone contract are spending way too much on their phone bill. In fact, the overspending has already hit several billions of sterling pounds. If you suspect that you’re paying more than what you should on your phone contract, there are actually some things you can do. No, you don’t need to switch to a no-contract plan to significantly slash a huge chunk off your phone bill. With some changes and a few minor tweaks, you can enjoy great savings in the long run. Here are xxxx tips you can try:

Get it right from the start

Don’t sign up for a phone contract deal just because the carrier said it’s the best offer available in the market. In most cases, these so called best deals are merely for advertising purposes. If you really want to save money on your phone contract, research is the key. Make sure you take your time to carefully review your monthly usage. Armed with your usage knowledge, find the best phone contract plan that will cater to your needs to a tee.

If you’re already hooked to a phone contract, it’s time to investigate your phone bill. Are you going beyond or below your monthly allowances? Check your usage pattern and request for a plan change if necessary.

Get rid of the extras

One of the reasons why customers overspend on their phone bill is because of the additional charges and costs they have to pay for per month. Take for instance your phone insurance. If you just got your new phone then it makes sense to pay for instance. If you’ve been using it for a while now, the value has already dropped. It’s also a good indication to also drop your insurance payments. Other extra payments that can significantly trim your phone bill include GPS service, roadside assistance, visual voicemail and many more.

Reduce your data usage

Of the three phone services, data is what makes up a huge chunk of your phone bill. If you want to save more money per month, there are two ways to deal with your data usage. Either you get rid of it completely or you can opt for a less generous data plan. If you have Wi-Fi at home and at work, why bother getting a data plan? You can use Wi-Fi connection when checking emails or browsing online on your mobile phone. You can also download free apps that let you enjoy free data. With these few adjustments, you’ll be surprised at the amount of savings you can reap per month.

Consider switching to a different carrier

If you’re unhappy with your current carrier and your contract is almost up, you can either request for a better package or switch to different carrier completely. The biggest carrier in the UK may seem like the best option but they’re not in various cases. You can try smaller carriers especially if their offers are way cheaper. Before you do that, however, make sure you haggle with your current carrier first.

Change your Smartphone

While owning the latest Smartphone is cool, it can cost you a lot in monthly payments too. If you really want to save money on your phone bill, it’s time to dump your high-end handset and opt for a cheaper one instead. A cheaper handset means a lower fixed monthly fee. But if you can’t part with your phone, you can stick with the aforementioned tricks above. You’ll still save some extra money in any case.